whole-mind-india-foundation-logoAkhilvaani is  dedicated to take Stigma out of Mental Illness in India. It is conceptualized  by Akhileshwar Sahay, Principal Instigator of Whole Mind India Foundation (WMIF). We the Indians since time immortal have thrived  on stigma, ignorance and discrimination against Mental Illness and Mentally ill despite the fact that curse of Mental illness is growing rapidly in the country- both incidence and severity is rising exponentially and such ailments impact all. Mental illness is secularly secular and it impacts all with the same ferocity. Untreated, Mental illness causes havoc to sufferers and their care givers. And stigma robs Mentally ill of one thing they need most-“The Hope”.

Akhilvaani is a platform- to create awareness about Mental illness as well as to Own-Up, Open-Up and Talk Mental Illness. Its fundamental premise is that time has arrived in India now only to talk Mental illness but to empower Mentally ill with “Hope, Love and Pride”